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Vena for OneDrive

Our Power Automate and certified Vena connector collaboration brings you a direct integration with OneDrive that allows you to translate raw data into the how and why of your operations and finance performance. Vena turns your numbers into narratives with Power Automate.

About Vena for OneDrive

Additional Details

Power Automate allows us to connect with external source systems such as OneDrive, which enables Vena to import data on an ongoing basis and store files in OneDrive, and later open them using Excel Online.

Vena’s integration with OneDrive can be set up using the Vena ETL (Extract Transform Load) connector, which is designed using a trigger or event and an action pairing. In this case, the trigger that is connected is OneDrive. 

Once the trigger - OneDrive - has been selected, the Vena Connector will prompt users to enter the correct API credentials so that the identified file and action will then seamlessly configure the ETL connector. This will ensure that the pre-defined actions connected to that trigger are followed.

Key Benefits

Gain confidence in your numbers. Accelerate time-consuming data integration tasks and gain data integrity by eliminating errors that often occur with manual data manipulation so you can get trusted insights—fast.

Get back lost time. Our fast and secure web-based interface lets you automatically load your data into Vena with ease.

Stay in the know. Alerts and notifications on the status and progress of data loads into Vena mean you’ll never have to guess if an integration was a success.

Say goodbye to rigidity and hello to flexibility. You can tailor the OneDrive and Vena integration to synchronize relevant relationships, data and hierarchies.

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