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Vena for FinancialForce

The Salesforce/FinancialForce connection into Vena is built with SOQL and queries directly against Salesforce APIs Integration will require read permissions to the above standard objects in Salesforce / FinancialForce Vena specific Salesforce account recommended Transformations to the incoming Salesforce/FinancialForce data will be handled in Vena (i.e. aggregation, normalization, simple mappings)

About Vena for FinancialForce

Additional Details

Bring the cloud down to earth - break down data silos by seamlessly integrating the Salesforce / FinancialForce cloud application with Vena.

Our direct integration with Salesforce / FinancialForce allows you to get timely access to your data in Vena so you can spend less time manually manipulating data and more time telling the story behind your numbers.

Please note: The Salesforce and Vena native connector also applies to organizations using FinancialForce as their ERP solution.

Key Features

Gain confidence in your numbers. Accelerate time-consuming data integration tasks and gain data integrity by eliminating errors that often occur with manual data manipulation.

Get back lost time. Our fast and secure web-based interface that allows you to automatically load your data into Vena with ease.

Stay in the know. Alerts and notifications on the status and progress of data loads into Vena mean you’ll never have to guess if an integration was a success.

Say goodbye to rigidity and hello to flexibility. You can tailor the Salesforce and Vena integration to synchronize relevant relationships, data and hierarchies.

How Does it Work?

Vena’s native integration with Salesforce can be set up by logging into Salesforce directly from Vena. Once the credentials are provided, automated data transmission can be triggered and controlled completely from the Vena side.

There is also a web interface provided to customize the data extract from Salesforce and schedule data loads on-demand. The Vena connector is built right on top of the Salesforce API infrastructure to ensure a seamless and accurate data streaming experience.

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