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Una Software

Una Software delivers Applied Revenue Intelligence.

About Una Software

Una Addresses Systemic Challenges Faced by Revenue Teams

Una’s platform was designed to address the gaps in today’s Go-to-Market intelligence solutions:

  • Multiple Silos: Sales, marketing, and customer success departments typically deploy their own siloed intelligence processes, leading to fragmented insights and disjointed strategies. 

  • Low Confidence in Forecasts: Leaders often distrust sales forecasts due to inconsistent data, over-optimism, and lack of alignment with financial models.

  • Missing Financial Data: Departments frequently neglect to integrate crucial financial data necessary for optimal decision-making. 

  • Failure to Take Action on Insights: Teams rely on casual, self-managed follow-ups after revenue meetings, resulting in inconsistent execution and accountability. 

Drive Applied Revenue Intelligence with Una

Una’s software platform consolidates trusted data into one solution to align on one source of truth; to visualize the issues across the whole customer journey from lead to renewal to expansion; and confidently allocate financial resources to the department that needs it most. 

Una drives collaborative decision making by aligning sales, marketing, customer success, product and finance departments and avoids silos. It encourages cross-departmental discussions to address key challenges in the customer journey together, including overly optimistic forecasts. It leverages the collective expertise of all revenue teams to make decisions, align on forecasts, and develop future plans to drive continuous improvement.

Finally, Una delivers action, not just promises, by ensuring that insights turn into decisions and tasks that are documented and tracked; accountability is monitored; and priorities are delivered upon.

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