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ProLytics Consulting Group

At ProLytics Consulting Group, we work with our customers to deliver value-added Performance Management and Business Intelligence solutions, that best fit their culture, and align with their business goals to ultimately solve their one-of-a-kind challenges.

About ProLytics Consulting Group
Our customers' success is a measure of our success

At ProLytics, we believe that Planning and EPM processes should be integrated and connected and beyond the Office of Finance. Bringing decades of successful implementation experience across various industries including Legal, Education, Technology, and Manufacturing, we collaborate with customers to adopt process improvements, technology solutions, and actionable analytics, leading to growth, profitability, and efficiency across the organization.

We specialize in implementing and maximizing your Vena investment. Our team offers end-to-end consulting services to get you to where you need. Whether you are looking for ad hoc support on your existing solution or an overhaul implementation, we have the expertise to assist you.

No matter the scale and complexity of the project, we bring our industry knowledge and best practices from the first consultation to the final Go-Live deployment to show you the power of Vena.

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