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Agilyx Group

Our team are highly experienced and qualified to connect your organisation with the right financial management software, to transform the way you do business. We work closely with our clients, so that you can feel confident and in control of your new solution.

About Agilyx Group

Who we are:

Agilyx Group is a forward-thinking consultancy company that helps businesses implement technological change while keeping people at the forefront. Operating at the intersection of people, technology and change with over 300 years of combined expertise, we are here to bring your organizational vision to life. We specialize in ERP, finance, payroll, and HRIS technology, backed by top-notch project and change management for guaranteed results.

Walking hand in hand with our clients using innovative and tailored technology solutions we seamlessly integrate the changes you need for success. We're not just about business efficiency, we're also committed to making our communities and environment better by partnering with our clients to design and implement sustainable solutions.

Our team of Change Ready experts are excited to help you on your business transformation journey! 

Why us:

Agilyx Group delivers expert financial planning and analysis

The Challenge

Having an FP & A solution that incorporates all business data sources, is centrally controlled, works with tools your organisation already knows how to use, can be tailored to your needs and trustworthy.

The Solution

Implementing FP&A Software which enables your finance team to effectively and efficiently manage financial processes, control access and manage permissions down to the individual user, improve accountability and make informed decisions with improved analysis.

The Results

An integrated system with all your business’ data sources – financial, non-financial, internal and external – so you can rely on your data and reports and plan with numbers you can trust. With the time saved from our FP & A solution, you can focus on analysis and business growth.

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