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Aegis Advise

Aegis Advise was founded in 2021 to help bring clarity and accountability into your planning and reporting system selection process. We are built on the point-of-view that we will work to provide guidance and experience in the selection without a predetermined answer for our clients based on the software we partner with, as we seek to get the best outcome for our clients.

About Aegis Advise

Aegis Advise is a new, upstart CPM consulting firm focused on SMB/middle market enterprises. While we are a new name to the market, we have a wealth of experience brought to the table helping to build one of the largest Adaptive partners over the last 9 years and knowledge/expertise gained over 200 client engagements. A key part of our capabilities is helping Client's to assess their processes and identify the best strategies to make a move to a cloud CPM solution, as well as the best strategy to get the quickest time to value for a collaborative deployment.

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